#DigitalAF: Digital Air Force

Prelude: The backstory to the formation of #DigitalAF.

Part One: A small group of motivated disruptors who believed technology was key to a better Royal Canadian Air Force. The birth of #DigitalAF.

Part Two: Building on the work from Part One, a three year follow-on project expanded and solidified #DigitalAF as a first of a kind, modern cloud offering within the Royal Canadian Air Force (and Department of National Defence).

These stories are brought to you with pride and gratitude from the current and former members of Harled Inc.

Our Heroes

None of this incredible journey would have been possible without the passion, openness and collaboration of hundreds of members of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Thank you, for your service to Canada and for partnering with us on this uncomfortable but necessary digital transformation of a critical capability for our country.

There is much to do, but together we have proven that it can be done.